CG Power and Industrial Solutions rose nearly 2% to close at Rs 219.45.

Foreign investor Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) sold 1,38,45,000 shares of CG Power and Industrial Solutions through an open market transaction on September 7. These shares were purchased at an average price of IDR 215 per share.

CG Power and Industrial Solutions rose nearly 2% to close at Rs 219.45.

Mauritius investor Steadview Capital sold 8,13,318 shares of Yaari Digital Integrated Services or 0.8% of the stock, according to the stock market data. These shares traded at an average price of Rs 38.05 per share.

However, Multiplication Consultants and Brand Consultants bought 5 million shares of Yaari Digital at the same price. 38.15 with the stock hitting a high of Rs.

Kairos property manager Brookfield India Real Estate Trust REIT bought 33,87,637 units at an average price of Rs 330 per unit. BSREP II Indian Ownership Office II Pte. Ltd. is the seller of the unit price.

Reddy Veeranna REIT picked up 1 million units of Embassy Office Park at an average price of Rs 351.89.

Bharti Airtel shares are transferred between promoters. Promoter Bharti Telecom sold 9,62,34,427 shares at an average price of Rs 686.2 while Pastel sold 9,30,98,538 shares at an average price of Rs 687.31. Its shares fell one percent to 753 rupees.

CG Power has reached its limit. Up to 30% per month, great future

CG Power has reached its limit. Up to 30% per month, great future

The company said it will identify areas of collaboration with Tube Investments and Murugappa Group for significant growth over the next 3-5 years.

Shares of CG Power and Industrial Solutions hit an all-time high of 230 as they rose 4% in mid-day trade on the BSE. It rose an average of 13 percent over two trading days. Additionally, strong business opportunities have increased by 30% in the past month. In comparison, the S&P BSE Sensex gained 8% during the period.

Today’s trading volume for each counter is almost four times the daily average of the past two weeks. A total of 5.4 million shares changed hands on NSE and BSE at 1:22 pm.

CG Power manufactures electric motors, generators, transformers and distribution, and control equipment. This company produces other electrical equipment.

All jobs in this industry have great growth potential. Agricultural companies expect long-term local growth due to large investments in infrastructure and the introduction of the Capex cycle. Furthermore, the electric vehicle (EV) segment is a huge opportunity to focus on in the next few years.

“In the field of railways, the Ministry of Railways broadly approved the road map for the next decade. Opening of Vande Bharat Railway, creation of special freight routes, and strategic planning. passenger safety etc. CG Power said in its 22nd annual report, “New business opportunities for the company”.

Big investments were made in the energy sector. Solar garden development and mega solar projects have been announced with the proposal to build 25 solar gardens to produce more than 20,000 megawatts of solar energy in 5 years, which will increase the high demand for the company’s commercial-energy system products.

CG Power is financially and financially well positioned to develop and exploit these potential opportunities. Medium and long-term opportunities and expectations remain strong. However, over the next few years, the company had to deal with the consequences of the war in Russia and Ukraine. Supply chain disruptions, economic downturns leading to higher costs, and pressure on margins are increasingly solvable issues, the company said.

CG Power also said it has identified areas of collaboration with Tube Investments and Murugappa Group for massive growth over the next 3-5 years. Among the growth drivers, electric vehicles, fast-moving electrical goods (FMEG), steel, steel, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, defense, cement, and renewable energy are key areas for global product and technology suppliers. Installation.

Bank CG is also undermining its potential with a sales slump of over 10%.

New Delhi: VERO Bank has exited by selling its entire stake in CG Power & Industrial Solutions Ltd (CG Power).

Yes, Bank said he sold his 6.34 million shares on 18 August 2020 at a par value of Rs 2,000, forming his 10.12% of CG Power’s share capital, the private lender said. ordered

Bank said: The bank appears to have sold all of its shares in the bank, and after the sale of the shares, the bank has no stake in CG Power.

On July 7, the lender sold 166,50,000 shares, or 2.66% of CG Power’s paid-up capital.

As of May 2019, Yes Bank has acquired 8,00,50,000 shares and has requested shareholders for his 12.79% of CG Power.

CG approves the Bank’s share in the Power Board

New Delhi: CG Power and Industrial Solutions on Tuesday said its board plans to issue 1.38 million shares worth Rs 101.20 crore to Standard Credit Bank (Singapore) as part of a debt settlement.

The Board of Directors approved the issue and allotment of 1,38,45,000 equity shares of the company of Rs 2 each for Rs 73.10 including a bonus of Rs 71.10 per share. Currency View currency readings on BSE.

He added: The distribution of shares is the settlement of the company’s obligations based on the guarantee given by the company in the form of a guarantee payment agreement with Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (SCB) approved by the shareholders…

The company said that CG Power entered into an agreement in January 2018 where CG International agreed to pay/buy the item.

SKB’s remaining obligations under the Guarantee Agreement and other collateral documents under the Agreement dated 13 November 2020 have been agreed upon.

According to the guarantee agreement, the company had to pay EUR 3,664,682 to SCB. and 1,38,45,000 shares of SCB stock, to authorized purchasers.

The company also informed BSE that an EGM will be held on June 7, 2021, to seek approval for the initial sale.

He also said: that May 18, 1390, is the right time to find out the maximum price that happened and the number of shares.

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