Kotak Securities has given L&T Finance Holdings a price target of Rs 78. L&T Finance Holdings is currently trading at Rs. 74.2.. The period mentioned by the analyst is the price history of L&T Finance Holdings Ltd. The objectives you have established are achievable.

L&T Finance Holdings Ltd. was Established in 2008. It is a large company (with a market cap of Rs 183.7616 billion) operating in the NBFC sector.

Main Product / Share Capital of L&T Finance Holdings Ltd. Dividends and accrued interest for the year ending March 31, 2022.

For the three months ended June 30, 2022, the company reported consolidated revenue of Rs 3,135.8 million. 2.24% higher than last quarter’s revenue of Rs 3,067.16 crore and down 2.05% YoY. Last year the company reported a profit after tax of Rs 261.17 crore in the last quarter.

A reason to invest

A distance from the ascending triangle chart indicates a further distance from the current levels

Promoter / FII Company

As on June 30, 2022, Promoter holds 66.23% stake in the company, FII holds 6.61% and DII holds 5.34%.

L&T Financial Holdings L&T Financial Institutional and Analyst Meetings: Earnings and Strategy Report, Q1 2023.

In addition to our letter dated July 8, 2022, and SEBI (Registration Requirements and Requirements) 2015 (the “Registration Act”) as well as paragraph A of Part A of Schedule III 30 of the same Regulations. For this reason, we will inform the company about today’s exchange. by July 20, 2022, on our website www.ltfs.com/investors.html. please correct

Rule 30 L&T Finance Holdings (LODR) – Investor Disclosure | Notification on 19 July 2022 at 6:39 PM IST

Please refer to our letter dated July 8, 2022, and read it together with Clause A of Section 3 of Schedule 30 of SEBI (Registration Requirements and Requirements) 2015 (“Registration Rules”). Presentation on the other page of the investor/auditor. Further, as per Rule 46 of the Registration Rules, presentations are also available on the Company’s website. Available at www.ltfs.com/investors.html.

L&T Finance Regulatory Notice 30 (LODR) – Review Report | Posted on July 22, 2022, at 5:33 pm

Sexually transmitted diseases Under Rule 32 (Registration and Disclosure Requirements) of the Securities and Exchange Commission of India Act, 2015 and Rule 82 (Capital and Notification (Mandatory)) of the Securities and Exchange Commission of India Act, 2018 for the quarter ended June 30, viz. 2022, please refer to the supplementary audit report issued by Axis Bank Limited on January 19, 2021.

L&T Financial Holdings reported discrepancies or discrepancies using discounted cash flows. Posted at 5:28 pm on July 22, 2022. sexually transmissible conditions

Under Rule 32 of SEBI Regulations 2015 (List of Obligations and Requirements), participation in assets are listed in the SEBI Circular. CIR/CFD/CMD1/162/2019 dated December 24, 2019. The proposed letter dated January 19, 1 stated that there is no change in the use of resources for issuing rights. Since it does not exist, 2021 Zero Deviation Statement is referred to as “Point A”, which is reviewed by the Internal Audit Committee. We recommend that you do all of the above in a few minutes.

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