WASHINGTON (AP) — On orders from President Joe Biden, a U.S. military plane shot down an unidentified object Friday that was flying over Alaska’s remote north coast, White House officials said.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said the object fell from about 45,000 feet and posed a “reasonable threat” to commercial aircraft safety. I waited. When asked about the legitimacy of the case, Biden said it was “closed” as recently as Friday.

Commercial airlines and private jets can fly up to 45,000 feet (13,700 m).

The Kirby object is about the size of a small car, much smaller than a giant Chinese reconnaissance balloon believed to have been launched by the Air Force and crashed off the coast of South Carolina on Saturday after flying over a secret military base that had flown on the US mainland.

With growing concerns about China’s surveillance program and public pressure on Biden to speak out, dual assurances from such a close succession are unusual. But there was no response to the unidentified object presented on Friday and the White House separated the two cases. Authorities can’t say if the final item contained the identified device, where it came from, or what.

On Friday, the Pentagon declined to provide more information about the facility, saying only that it was empty for American pilots who had flown in to monitor it. Last week officials said the object, much smaller than a hot air balloon, was untraceable and appeared to be moving at a much lower altitude.

Kirby Biden believed that on the advice of the Pentagon, especially because of the potential danger to civilian aircraft, getting it airborne was enough.

The President has a fundamental responsibility to protect our national security interests.

The President announced its existence Thursday night after watching a duel between the two fighters.

An F-22 fighter jet based at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska shot down the object using a short-range air force for the same type of AIM-9X missile, Brigadier Pat Ryder, a Pentagon spokesman, said on Tuesday Friday to reporters. Send balloons about a week ago.

The Pentagon shot down an unidentified object flying over US airspace near Alaska.

The Pentagon shot down an unidentified object flying over US airspace near Alaska.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon shot down an unidentified object on Friday that flew into U.S. airspace off the coast of Alaska at the request of President Joe Biden, White House officials said.

This is the second time in a week that US officials have shot down a flying object over the United States. White House officials noted stark differences between the two episodes. Kirby said he didn’t know who it was yet and didn’t say it was a balloon. Authorities couldn’t even confirm he was wearing surveillance gear. He didn’t even know where it came from or what it was for.

Kirby said fighter pilots visually inspected the object and realized it was unmanned.

The structures have collapsed in the freezing water and officials are hoping to recover the wreckage faster than last week’s giant balloon.

The development comes just over a week after the United States shot down a suspected Chinese spy device off the coast of Carolina after passing through a sensitive military base in North America. China claims the theft was an accident with a civilian ship and threatens the consequences.

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