Modi also accused the Rajasthan parliamentary government, which is due to hold general elections this year, of obstructing the vision and development of the country.

DAUSAR: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday accused Parliament of underestimating the military, saying the government would take up the development work in the border areas, fearing that the enemies would use new opportunities to attack the country.

He was speaking at a BJP party in Dousa soon after the opening ceremony on the first section of the Delhi-Mumbai highway, about 1 km away.

Modi also accused Rajasthan’s parliamentary government of not having a vision and hindering the country’s development as general elections are due this year, saying it lacks a plan and the campaign is still on paper.

Congress Slams PM Modi: 'Prime Minister Modi takes Israel's help to win elections', shocking claim of Congress

Modi pointed to his party’s ability to dominate at the center and in the region, saying it would be better in Rajasthan if it had a dual BJP government.

He said that the previous parliamentary government did not complete any work to improve the city or the border areas.

Ours know how to stop the enemy on the frontiers and respond appropriately.

The prime minister said his government has built road networks and infrastructure in the region over the past nine years.

PM Modi Slams Cong-CPI(M) Alliance in Tripura PM Modi In Radhakishorepur Rally: Those Who Fought Against Each Other, Came Together For “Chanda” According to the prime minister, Tripura’s development was impeded for many years by the Communist and Congress governments.

In election-bound Tripura, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the Congress-CPI(M) coalition on Saturday, claiming that the state’s police stations were previously run by Leftist operatives, but that now that the Bharatiya Janata Party is in power, there is a rule of law.

From 2004 to 2014, the “dark” era became… Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke up the Lok Sabha.

From 2004 to 2014, the “dark” era became… Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke up the Lok Sabha.

Parliament meeting, Bengal fiscal update 2023: Prime Minister Modi says India has turned into a manufacturing hub and the world has seen the country’s growing prosperity.

Speaking in the Lok Sabha, Modi said that amidst the instability in some parts of the world due to centuries of pandemic and conflict, the world should look to India with hope. He also said that India is becoming a manufacturing hub and the world will benefit from its growth.

But some deeply disillusioned people refuse to accept India’s growth story. “120 million Indians don’t see his accomplishments.” President Draupadi Murmu’s speech at the Congress inspired everyone.

Prime Minister Modi made a sleeveless shirt from recycled plastic bottles before the Congress today. This morning she was sitting in the Rajya Sabha, wearing a blue saree. PTI quoted police as saying that Modi’s jacket was made from recycled plastic bottles.

The Indian oil company unveiled its jacket at Energy In India Week in Bangalore on Monday, unveiling a uniform part of the company’s “solvent” initiative.

Modi’s party lost the primary held under a crown cloud.

Modi's party lost the primary held under a crown cloud.

The prime minister’s party suffered a major defeat in western Europe amid criticism that its pandemic blunder had led to a catastrophic rise in cases in India.

NEW DELHI — One of India’s strongest opposition parties won elections in West Bengal state on Sunday, removing Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the campaign trail amid skyrocketing Covid-19 infections.

In West Bengal, one of India’s most populous states and a stronghold of opposition to Modi, India’s most powerful prime minister in decades, major parties fought bitterly. Despite rising cases and rising death tolls in India, Modi and other politicians have staged mass protests across the state that critics say have helped spread the virus.

On Sunday night, when almost all the votes were counted, Prime Minister Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party was far behind with a huge investment in West Bengal, the expected price was far behind. This party won more seats in the state parliament than in the last elections. But the ruling All India Trinamool Congress party was clearly in the lead.

The party is led by India’s only female Prime Minister, Mamatha Banerjee, who cultivates her personality and reputation as a street warrior strong enough to repel Modi’s worst attacks from the Hindu nationalist BJP. well known

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