The BJP’s Samvit Patra said on Sunday that parliamentary leader Rahul Gandhi has finally recognized what Narendra Modi’s government has achieved in central Kashmir.

India Today Newsroom: Bharat Judo Yatra MP has instilled a love of tricolor among Kashmiri youth, Rahul Gandhi said on Sunday as he finally acknowledged Modi’s achievements in Kashmir.

I would like to thank Rahul Gandhi for being the first to recognize the achievements of the Modi government in Kashmir. If the parliamentary party today sees thousands of tricolors in the same area in Jammu and Kashmir, which never flew the tricolor before, what is the reason, Rahul Gandhi should also think about that.

Sambit Patra added that the good government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi wore the tricolor for the cause of Kashmir, and Sri Nagar Lal Chowk has the tricolor.

What did Rahul Gandhi say?

What did Rahul Gandhi say?

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi completed the Bharat Jod Yatra at Lal Chowk in Srinagar in January this year and raised the flag there. A few days later, thanking the President for his speech, Modi recalled his visit to Lal Chowk, where the national flag was raised after the 1991 Ekta Yatra there.

Rahul Gandhi, while addressing the 85th Parliamentary Assembly in Nava Raipur, Chhattisgarh, said on Sunday that he saw thousands of Kashmiris wearing the tricolor during the Bharat Judo Yatra…

Addressing Prime Minister Modi’s speech to Parliament, Rahul Gandhi said: The BJP has accepted it. “

They clashed with the BJP in Parliament, with Sambi Patra accusing the party of pursuing “negative” policies and representing a broken country, India, where everyone is miserable.

Rahul finally acknowledges what Modi government has achieved in Kashmir: BJP for tricolor statement

At a press conference at the BJP headquarters, Patra lashed out at Congress, saying the party was pursuing a “negative” policy, portraying India as a devastated country and a miserable one for everyone. Stated.

Rahul Gandhi was the first in Kashmir to give credit to the Narendra Modi government, BJP spokesman Samvit Patra said on Sunday, citing people in the region wearing the national tricolor flag. In response to comments from the instructor of

“At a time when the world is trying to paint India as a glorious place, a series of speeches to the plenary session by Rahul Gandhi and his leaders shows how India is being destroyed.

“I would like to thank Rahul Gandhi for being the first to acknowledge what the Modi government has achieved in Kashmir. You see the tricolor flag, so what is the reason? Rahul Gandhi should think about it too,” Patra said.

He also said that the people of Kashmir are now wearing the tricolor, and if Lal Chowk has the tricolor, it is because of the good governance of the Narendra Modi government.

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Gandhi addressed the Nava of Chhattisgarh at the plenary session of the parliament held in Raipur, his Bharat he Jodh he during the Yatra, even in the areas most affected by terrorism, He said he saw 1,000 Kashmiris raising the flag.

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