High Street giant B&M will be closing several of its UK stores in the coming weeks. The retailer, which competes with Home Bargains, Aldi, and Wilko malls, is the go-to place for many shoppers looking to stock up on household necessities and other novelty purchases.

 But while other major chains were forced to close stores due to “downhill highways,” B&M didn’t.

The chain said it would close stores to make way for new supplies, an unusual boost in the UK’s current street climate. The B&M store at Maesglas Mode Park in Newcastle, Wales will be closed this Saturday, March 4.

It comes after the discount retailer closed its Stockton store in Castlegate Shopping Center over the weekend to move to a larger unit. B&M said the new store, based on the old M&S website, will open in the coming days.

Another B&M site, currently located at Queen’s Drive Retail Park in Kilmarnock, Scotland, is moving to a new location at Glencairn Retail Park. The new store opened on Saturday, February 4th, and the main site will be out of service later this month on March 26th.

Finally, the Propola site at the Broadwalk Shopping Center in Bristol will be closed in April due to the demolition of the shopping center site. In addition, B&M will be opening more stores in the coming months, with more openings throughout the year.

The Debenhams store in Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire Shopping Park will be replaced by a B&M branch, moving from a much smaller unit within the same shopping park. B&M will also open a new store center and park in Barnsley on March 4.

B&M plans to close its stores, including in Scotland, in the coming weeks.

The fashion outlet closed a total of four stores, but not because of the “shrinkage of the highways” that hit many other retailers.

B&M has announced it will be closing four of its stores in the coming weeks. One of them closed his shop in Scotland.

The decline in popularity of the High Street has forced many retail outlets to close recently. But not in this case, said the chief executive.

But because of the opening of additional shops and other “extras” which means some shops are closed. One UK unit closed this year, with three more planned for 2023.

The B&M store, currently based in Queens Drive Retail Park in Kilmarnock, has moved to a new location in Glencairn Retail Park, reports the Mirror.

The new B&M store will open on Saturday 13th February, while the old site will close later this month on 5th March.

With plans to sell food and consumer goods, the service yard at the back was converted into a garden centerpiece. Megastores are located near Dunelm, Poundland, Food Warehouse, TK Maxx, Halfords, and Greggs.

Maesglas Retail Park in Newport, Wales – March 4th

Broadwalk shopping center in Bristol – early April

Castlegate Mall in Stockton – Closed February 25th

Discount stores like B&M Bargains and Home Bargains have always been popular, but with the cost of living crunch, many have turned to these types of retailers to cut costs.

Last November, B&M reported a 1.8 percent increase in sales after a six-month contract extension, and the retailer’s chief executive, Alex Russo, said the chain wanted to continue supporting customers with discounts.

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