Last destination of the year 2022? End, The stock exchange wants to do so without the significant loss of colleagues, boss, and founder of Luis Veria without significant loss, But Wednesday’s failure -the history is very bad -on Thursday, the future stock is green and only shows technical behaviors such as Tesla.


+3.31 %

I will be successful on the second day.

This technology is currently the source of reduction and it is very important to know how difficult it is. For example, some major observers. And others see other dominoes that remain in the fall.

Apple said.


-3.07 %

He can be the next victim of the bear. The behavior of the iPhone manufacturer is slightly better than that of big brother and has just decreased by 29 % since the beginning of the year.

Below is a rock from 22 V, @ Thechartport Patrick Dunwood (thanks to Harkterhq).

“Apple has increased much better than Fang’s behavior this year, but John emphasized that it could be a victim of the next bear,” Danwood said.

“It’s like stocks like $ Arkk.


-0.47 %,

$ tsla, $ meta


-1.08 %,

$ man


-1.47 %

Before starting the acceleration below. “” “”

The Dakhartlife calendar has created a “serious” risk for Apple and shared $ 100.

22V Research

Rock said the public market will not fall to the BIG 5 index consisting of Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Tesla.

Amgen (AMGN) attracts the attention of investors: it will be clear.

Amgen (AMGN) attracts the attention of investors: it will be clear.

AMGEN (AMGN) is one of the most popular visitors to Therefore, it is recommended to take into account some of the factors that can affect short-term stock results.

Most biotechnology manufacturers around the world have up to 8.7 % over the past month up to 8.7 % compared to ZACKS S&P 500. The Biological and Genetic Industry of ZACKS in AMGEN was 3.4 % during this period. An important issue here is the place where you can act shortly.

The press reports and rumors about significant changes in commercial channels, as a rule, lead to direct price fluctuations in case of a tendency, but always have certain factors. Maintenance and decision to make a purchase.

Income assessment test

Here Zacks has a priority for changing the future income of all other companies. We believe that future income costs determine the atmosphere of shares that will be used.

Our analysis is based on measures that analysts study the alleged income to take into account the last trading process. With an increase in the classification of the interest rate of the company, the value of shares has also increased. If the price of shares is greater than the current market price, investors are ready to collect shares and increase prices. For this reason, empirical studies show a strong connection between profit and short-term behavior.

Predictor growth forecast

Sales growth may be the highest financial state of health in the company. However, if the company does not reach sales, nothing will happen. In the end, the company can hardly increase sales for a long time without increasing income. As a result, it is important to understand the potential growth of the company’s income.

In the case of AMGEN, the current contract is 67.4 billion US dollars. The United States showed -1.6 % annual calculations. Now the next training is 26.3 billion US dollars. 285.1 billion US dollars in the United States. The United States showed 1 % or 8.7 %.

Recent record results and amazing date

Recent record results and amazing date

Augen has 66.5 billion US dollars. USA in the first quarter of the previous registration. This is an annual change of -0.8 %. EPS costs $ 4.70. For the same period compared to $ 4.67 last year.

Compared to the assessment of the consensus of Zach, it is 65.7 billion dollars. In the United States, 1.32 % +were shocked. Surprise – EPS +6.09 %.

The company exceeds the estimated amount of EPS consensus in the next four quarters. The company goes beyond the cost of consensus during this period.

According to an analyst is a big text on the best scale.

According to an analyst is a big text on the best scale.

Technology and technical reduction in the main behavioral capital is the main S&P 500 ratio this year. If you have tried to return to an analyst or as a means.

Analysts are under fundamental principles to believe that fans of mud -final Netflix (NFLX) mud actions are “technology” characters that can be used every day to use G&G’s global market investors. Explain business analysis. Blacksmith Market. Analysts believe that the average share of telecommunications services will increase by around 60% in the next 12 months.

This is one of seven S&P 500 activities or experienced investors, which are the most valuable S and P D, investors. Buy.

“This is not our opinion,” a Wedbush security analyst explained. Dot com 2.0. 

Influence SM & P 500

Influence SM & P 500

Don’t be careful if you don’t try to know skills. Epic

Seven S&P 500 technical delivery, a reduction in seven years greater than 40% of the total decline in the S&P 500 account. With around 30% per year.

This is a big problem for all developers, even if you have S&P 500. Apple (APPL), Microsoft (MSFT), Alphabet (Google (FB), Meta) 1 / NVDA (NVDA) 1) 1) 1) and NVDA (NVDA) 1 / NVDA (NVDA) 1) and NVDA) 1) 4 S&P D.

Therefore, their performance might be better in the S&P 500 like in other markets. Apple only shows 6.6% S&P D.

In addition, the contradiction of these steps will not reduce the maximum test. For example, Datatrek explained that Amazon had agreed to about 80 times higher than the expected benefits in the next 12 months. On the other hand, analysts greatly reduce company profits. Datatrek explained that analysts have reduced their goal to an increase of around 70%.

Netflix: Betting Great Technology Find Favorite Analysts

Netflix: Betting Great Technology Find Favorite Analysts

Netflix has another made “-Pang” S&P 500. The video model dropped from 70% to 197.14 this year. This version begins with the despair of news that is different from the company.

But analysts always believe that the wrist might be a recovery story. 

Meta Meta Zuckerberg. When a company tries to focus on virtual reality, its party decreased by 42% to 194.25. However, to an analyst, this step is 285.37 per share for 12 months and around 50% more than today.

But to create justice, S&P 500 analysts to see what you want with all these actions fall. They think that all crocodile shares per week with large technology companies are more valuable than now.

But analysts do not believe that all relatives return to the same speed.

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