Milk and cookies have been made for Santa and vintage stockings have been hung, but what are you going to fill this year? Got enough Christmas shopping ideas to go around? Show your family how much you care this season by overwhelming them with a stash full of creative and crafty gifts. Remember, socks aren’t just for men. You can even have Christmas cats for your pets and shower them with love.

1. Santa Misa charcoal soap

For a fun gift, try filling a charcoal figurine with soap. These charcoal treats are easily made at home in an ice cube tray. For an elegant touch, add gold glitter.

2. Donut Soccer Poker

Donut Soccer Poker

Familiar players are ready for a new challenge. Add a new game to their socks so they can develop their skills. These donut poker chips are a fun twist on the classic card game. Add a custom deck of cards for that special touch.

3. Soapstones

Although they are not as striking as real jewelry, they will leave you with a world of spirit. This year soapstones are a creative yet practical addition to your stocking filler. The variety of colors makes each one fun.

4. Mug with photo

A mug is a perfect idea for everyone, especially during the cold winter months. Surprise your loved ones by including a photo of a beautiful memory you shared with a wonderful fa

a fun holiday or birthday party.

5. Mixing Christmas pieces

Show your loved ones how sweet they are and give them an equally sweet treat in a stuffed registry. These holiday treats can be mixed in large batches and divided into individual jars. Add sparkles and different foods for a fun Christmas touch.

6. Batik Catchall plates

Help your family keep track of their favorite creations with jewelry folders. These elegant batik vases are the perfect size to fit on a pedestal and make a beautiful addition to any desk or counter.

7. Moscow Mule Enamel Mug

The Moscow Mule mugs are a fun and easy filling of Christmas information. Personalize by adding a unique design or monogram. Use the color white to get creative.

8. Baggage tag

A new year is upon us and adventure awaits. Help them plan their trip and tag their luggage by giving them a tag. He will do this so that your goods do not perish and be scattered wherever they are.

9 spoons of hot chocolate

Nothing says anything like snuggling up with a cup of hot cocoa. Give your loved ones an extra dose of chocolate with hot chocolate cones. Make the fantasy of winter a little sweeter with these cute Christmas stockings.

10. personal diary

For family members who find relief in writing, add a personal journal to their journal. They can express themselves through the ink while the cover also reflects their personality. Whatever the topic, there will be pages ready to be filled.

11. Bath bombs

Anyone of any age can enjoy a relaxing day at the spa. Give yourself an escape with these DIY bath bombs. They change the color and smell of the person they are intended for.

12. Coasters

Coasters reach a new level when you can design one. Fill your family’s stockings with movie coasters featuring images of your favorite characters. From sports equipment to flowers to family photos and quotes, this is a notebook that can be personalized for anyone.

13. Reindeer Hot Chocolate Cones

Get into the holiday spirit by adding warm cobwebs to your family’s paws. These cones are easy to make and never go out of style. Leaving loved ones with a smile on their face and a cup of hot chocolate in their hand.

14. Mason jar

A universal gift, this mason jar can serve many purposes. This log sandwich can be stuffed with herbs and spices for your next barbecue. The possibilities are limitless!

15. Hook boot

These crochet booties are comfortable and stylish. Choose a tinted color that suits the personality and also add a unique button on the side. This makes it the perfect addition to your Christmas coasters.

16. Christmas cakes

Christmas gift ideas are not always in mind. Replace the boring yellow candies with Christmas candies for an extra decorative effect.

17. Lightweight wallet

One Christmas gift idea for the guy in the family is a wallet. This stylish wallet keeps your money and cards organized. It also stores the Christmas gift cards you received this holiday season. Everyone will like the simple design.

18. Camera

Give the photographer a chance to capture all the important moments and reveal their memories. Hanging picture decorations are a timeless stocking idea that will be treasured for years to come.

19. Map of salt tourism

Inspire those who want to follow their passion next year with this laminated travel card. Mark the places you’ve been with color text. It can be improved in a few years by adding special color threads.

20. Carved steel pendant

Personalize your socks by adding a textured charm. This metal clip can be a necklace, a key ring, or even a dog tag. This gift is not left to the family.

21. Smartphone memory

How do you see the unique value of people helping them express themselves? The new phone case is great for storage and allows the recipient to change things up.

22. Candyteen gift card holder

Sometimes the best gift is the freedom to make your own decisions. Dispose of old mint cans by covering them with decorative tape. After using the gift card, it can also be used as a storage bag for coins or items, as small as hairpins.

23. Travel cup

You know best how busy your family is. Help this year with the road trophy in the stocking. Appreciate it when you need a drink on the go.

24. Cedar shaving cream

For the man in the family, pull the bobby pins on your shoes. He makes her hair soft and manageable. Get creative by adding unique scents like sweet cedar.

25. Burlap strip

Give your family a place to put all their new gifts. You will need a large roll of socks. You can use the bag even during the holiday season.

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