The Legislative Assembly of Uttarakhand passes a bill establishing a "uniform civil code," making it the first state to do so.

DEHRADUN: The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) bill, which was tabled by CM Dhami in the on Tuesday, was passed in the house on Wednesday. After approval from the governor and President, it would be enacted as law, making Uttarakhand the first state after independence to implement UCC.

After day-long discussions on the bill during which opposition members demanded that the bill should be sent to a standing committee to examine certain provisions like registration of live-in relationships , the bill eventually went through with a voice vote around 6 pm.

The bill has seven schedules and 392 sections, focusing on four key areas – marriage, divorce, inheritance and live-in relationships. There are provisions for ending practices of polygamy, polyandry, halala and iddat, besides giving equal inheritance rights to males and females. There are stringent provisions for registration of live-in relationships, failure to do so can invite jail term up to six months and/or fine up to Rs 25,000.

While addressing the house, the chief minister said, “Today is the start of a positive movement which aims to bring uniformity in society and at the same time, empower women and make them self-reliant.”

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