Following Bengaluru CEO's Arrest for Son's Murder, 10 Startling Disclosures

A Bengaluru CEO’s arrest for allegedly killing her son has shocked the nation and more chilling details about the incident emerging every day as police carry out their investigation.

Suchana Seth checked into the apartment in Goa’s Candolim on January 6 and stayed there till January 8. Police suspect that she killed her four-year-old son in the apartment. She then allegedly stuffed the body in a bag and took it to Karnataka in a taxi on Monday, police said.

The child was smothered to death either with a piece of cloth or a pillow, the post-mortem revealed.

She was arrested from Karnataka on Monday night with the help of the cab driver. The driver said that Seth did not utter a single word during the entire trip which lasted more than 10 hours.

Police sources say that she has not been cooperating with the investigation and has shown “no remorse” so far, either over the death of her child, or her role in it.

The 39-year-old was involved in a bitter custody battle with her husband Venkat Raman.

A handwritten note has been recovered from her belongings which she had written about her feud with her husband and the mental exhaustion due to the ongoing court proceedings. Police sources say the note was written on a tissue paper using an eyeliner.

“We would not like to disclose the content of the note but it indicates that she was upset over the custody of her child,” a police official said.

During the investigation, police found that she had on January 6 messaged her estranged husband Venkat Raman. She told him that he could meet the child the next day. But nobody was home in Bengaluru when he came over.

According to the couple’s divorce documents, Suchana Seth had filed a domestic violence case in August 2022 against Raman. She had accused him of physically abusing her and her son, a charge Venkat Raman has denied in court.

The court issued a restraining order against Mr Raman who was barred from his wife’s home or communicating with her or the child. He was later given visitation rights, a development which allegedly upset Suchana Seth.

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