Boss political race magistrate Rajiv Kumar alongside political race chiefs Anup Chandra Pandey and Arun Goel addressed a public interview to declare the timetable for the Karnataka Official Gathering 2023 at Whole Corridor, Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

Boss political race magistrate Rajiv Kumar talks during a public interview for the declaration of the timetable of Karnataka get together decisions in New Delhi on Wednesday, (PTI)

The Karnataka get together political decision 2023 will be hung on May 10 and the counting of votes will be directed on May 13, the Political race Commission of India reported on Wednesday. Boss political decision magistrate Rajiv Kumar alongside political decision officials Anup Chandra Pandey and Arun Goel addressed a public interview to report the timetable for the Karnataka Regulative Gathering at Entire Lobby, Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

Karnataka get together political race deciding on May 10, including on May 13

Karnataka, which has 224 seats in the Gathering presently has 119 MLAs of the decision BJP, while Congress has 75 and its partner JD(S) has 28 seats.

The CEC said there are a sum of 5.21 crores in the state and the quantity of 100 or more citizens is 16,976. He expressed more than 58,000 surveying stations would be set up across the state.

“There are 224 Gathering bodies electorate of which 36 are held for the SCs and 15 for the STs. The all out electorates in the state are 5,21,73,579 crores of which guys are 2.62 crores and females are 2.59 crores. The all out number of 80 or more balloters is 12.15 lakhs. It is an increment of 32% from 2018. It likewise incorporates 16,976 glad voters who are 100 or more. The quantity of people with inabilities (PWDs) has expanded to 5.55 lakhs. This is an increment of near 150%,” Kumar said.

He said that whenever electors first have expanded from 2018-19 by 9.17 lakh in Karnataka. “All youthful electors who are turning 18 years old by April 1, will actually want to cast a ballot in the Karnataka Gathering races,” he said.

The CEC additionally set out the safety efforts for the distinguished delicate stalls in the state.

“There are 58,282 surveying stations in Karnataka of which 20,866 are metropolitan. The typical number of voters per surveying station comes to 883. On every one of the delicate stalls which have been recognized, we go to four to five lengths. Either there would CAPF, or web-projecting or a miniature eyewitness. With the blend of these, we will generally put more life and vigil on the touchy corners,” he informed.

“There would be 240 model surveying stations which will be made eco-accommodating and green stalls. 100 stalls would be overseen simply by people with incapacity,” Kumar added making sense of the actions taken by the ECI for drawing in the young to cast a ballot.

The ideological groups, including the decision BJP, Congress and partner JD(S), started the spate of claims and counter-charges, with the last option endeavoring to corner the public authority over the issue of defilement.

The BJP government, being driven by boss pastor Basavaraj Bommai is likewise investing amounts of energy to get back to control and focusing on the Kannadigas issue, reservation to the Lingayat and Vokkaliga people group by rejecting a religion-based booking for the Muslim people group, a choice which the state government took as of late.

The public authority, last year, had suggested that the organizations that don’t give first inclination to Kannadigas won’t be qualified for motivators. The public authority’s move came in the later piece of last year in a bid to advance Kannada. It was remembered for the Kannada Language Thorough Improvement Bill.

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