In the second session on August 24th, the market recovered from the first day before the expiration of the August commodity month. His VIX volatility index for India fell 3.25% to settle at 18.43, supporting the bulls.

The BSE Sensex rose 54 points to 59,085 and the Nifty 50 rose 27 points to 17,605, holding levels at 17,350 and 17,500.

It has helped improve the broader market and is a major market leader. Benchmark indices Nifty Mid Cap 100 and Small Cap 100 were up 0.7% and 0.8% respectively.

On the daily chart, a brief bullish candle appears adjacent to a lengthy bullish candle from the previous session. Technically, this pattern suggests the market has moved a bit away from its lower support I do. It’s difficult.”. It’s on sale. “The last two trading sessions on Aug. 19 and 22 have seen a significant recovery,” said Nagraj Shetty, a technical analyst at HDFC Securities.

The market is trying to pull back from the lows, but it can strengthen and put the bulls in the driver’s seat. 17,650 is a notable resistance and a sustained rise above this zone is expected to push Nifty to another painful 17,850 level in the short term.

We have collected 15 data points that can be used to identify profitable deals.

Note: Equity Open Interest (OI) and Volume figures in this article are 3-month totals, not the current month.

Nifty’s primary support and resistance.

According to the pivot chart, 17,528 and 17,451 were identified as important support levels for Nifty.

smart bank.

Nifty Bank closed at 39,038.50 with 341 points, continuing to stay high on the daily chart. 38,687 is identified as the key center level, followed by 38,335 serving as key support for the index. On the upside, the important resistance levels are 39,255 and 39,472.

Call selection information.

A peak call of 11.4 million contracts was recorded at 18,000 strikes, which will serve as the main resistance level for the August series.

This was followed by 17,800 strikes with 86.85 million contracts and 17,600 strikes with 80.48 million investment contracts.

20.12 million contracts were added with 17,700 contracts, followed by 17,800 contracts with 19.54 million contracts and 17,600 contracts with 8.61 million contracts.

11.49 million contracts with 18,500 strikes, 10.31 million contracts with 18,200 strikes, and 8.61 million contracts with 18,000 strikes were traded.

Enter the information of your choice.

17,000 strikes are the highest open interest among 11.5 million contracts and serve as a key support level for the August series.

This was followed by 17,500 strikes with 85.87 million contracts and 17,600 strikes with 64.88 million contracts.

17,000 strikes added 41.38 million contracts, 17,600 strikes added 17.25 million contracts, and 17,500 strikes added 7.87 million contracts.

2,843 million contracts were traded with 16,800 strikes, 9.58 million contracts were traded with 16,600 strikes, and 7.31 million contracts were traded with 16,900 strikes.

high-margin stocks.

A high dividend ratio indicates that investors are paying attention to the stock. Power Finance Corporation, Atul, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank.

49 stocks showed long formations.

A rise in open interest and a price rise often indicate the development of long positions. The top 10 stocks by open interest percentage are NTPC, ABB India, Hindalco Industries, Ken Fin Homes, and Crompton Graves Consumer Electricals.

44 stocks are in long-term decline.

Low-interest rates and falling open interest rates are often indicative of long-term unemployment. Based on the percentage of futures outstanding, the top 10 stocks including City Union Bank, JK Cement, Arti Industries, Persistent Systems, and Indus Tower are listed below.

The composition of 32 shares was short.

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