On Monday, previous money serve P Chidambaram addressed how the withdrawal of the Rs 2,000 notes from flow will help uncover ‘dark cash’ as the State Bank of India today explained that no structure or ID verification will be expected to trade Rs 2,000 notes.

The senior Congress pioneer tweeted earlier today, “Common individuals don’t have Rs 2.000 notes. They disregarded it not long after it was presented in 2016. They were futile for day to day retail trade. So who kept the Rs 2,000 notes and utilized them? You know the response. The Rs 2,000 note just aided attendants of dark cash to store their cash easily.”

Chidambaram addressed assuming banks have explained that no character, no structures and no verification will be expected to trade the Rs 2,000 notes, then, at that point, anybody accumulating ‘dark cash’ can trade these notes with next to no disturbance and getting taken note. This invalidates the public authority’s endeavors to uncover dark cash.

“The BJP’s twist that the Rs 2,000 notes are being removed to uncover dark cash stands destroyed,” Chidambaram said.

He further added, “The managers of Rs 2,000 notes are being invited on an honorary pathway to trade their notes! So much for the public authority’s announced target of uncovering dark cash. The Rs 2,000 note was a stupid move in 2016. I’m happy that the stupid move is being removed something like 7 years after the fact.”

The Hold Bank of India (RBI) said on Friday that the Rs 2,000 notes would presently not be available for use. In any case, disarray actually exists on the grounds that numerous organizations are declining to acknowledge them. The RBI accentuated that Rs 2,000 notes will keep on being acknowledged as lawful money and encouraged people to store or trade their notes by September 30.

As per the State Bank of India, clients can trade ten notes worth Rs 2,000 all at once without giving ID or finishing up any administrative work. Besides, in the wake of sticking to KYC prerequisites, there is no limitation on keeping higher-esteem notes in financial balances.

The resistance chiefs cruelly reprimanded the public authority’s transition to pull out Rs 2,000 notes seven years after they were first given, however BJP authorities upheld the activity. As per the previous boss monetary counsel K Subramanian, this step won’t influence the average folks since they don’t have Rs 2,000 yet will assist with really taking a look at the storing of dark cash. As indicated by PM Modi’s previous head secretary Nripendra Mishra, PM Modi never preferred Rs 2,000 notes as they are not appropriate for everyday use.

Beforehand, Chidambaram expressed, “True to form, the public authority/RBI have removed the Rs 2,000 note and given time until September 30 to trade the notes. The Rs 2,000 note is not really a famous vehicle of trade. We expressed this in November 2016 and we have been demonstrated right. The Rs 2,000 note was a bandage to conceal the stupid choice of demonetising Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes which were well known and broadly traded monetary forms. Half a month after Demonetisation, the public authority/RBI had to once again introduce the Rs 500 note. I will not be amazed if the public authority/RBI once again introduced the Rs 1000 note too. Demonetisation has ended up back at ground zero!”

“Rs 2,000 note was never a ‘perfect’ note. It was not utilized by far most individuals. It was utilized exclusively by individuals to keep their dark cash, for a brief time!” he added.

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