Four new stamps have been released by Royal Mail to commemorate the coronation of King Charles III.

The newly released royal stamp collection shows the King being crowned as well as the various causes that the monarch has long supported.

The four stamps, comprising the Coronation, Diversity and Community, The Commonwealth, and Sustainability and Biodiversity, are based on freshly commissioned wood engravings by artist Andrew Davidson.

The first coronation stamps were produced by Royal Mail in 1937 for King George VI, and the second was in 1953 for Queen Elizabeth II.

The coronation of King Charles III will occur on Saturday, May 6. The Royal Mail (Royal Mail, image)
The postal office has also applied for a unique postmark that will read “Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla 6 May 2023” and appear on mails from April 28 through May 10.

“Royal Mail is proud to issue this set of commemorative stamps which celebrate the coronation and some of the causes which His Majesty has championed throughout his many years of public service,” said Simon Thompson, chief executive of Royal Mail.

We’ve only ever released coronation stamps three times, and I’m glad they coincide with the beginning of a new reign.

What do the four stamps from the Coronation represent?

In commemoration of the royal event, Royal Mail has applied for a unique postmark to be placed on mail.(Image courtesy of Royal Mail)
This stamp has a Coronation scenario with the façade of Westminster Abbey as its backdrop, and it is rendered in regal purple ink.

The sky is filled with fireworks as a gun salute is fired.

At a street celebration and while watching the event, large crowds can be seen.

The first class stamp also depicts King Charles, who is seen holding the sceptre with a dove and the sceptre with a cross while seated in the coronation throne.

The blue Diversity and Community stamp

Based on newly-commissioned wood engravings by artist Andrew Davidson, the new Royal Mail stamps were released. (Image courtesy of Royal Mail)
The blue 1st class Diversity and Community stamp from Royal Mail prominently features figures from the Jewish, Islamic, Christian, Sikh, Hindu, and Buddhist religions.

The Royal Mail has said that this commemorative stamp is a representation of all religions and none.

The landscape with the blue backdrop depicts both urban and rural Britain as well as the many houses of worship that may be found there, including a mosque and a church.

The red Commonwealth stamp

On May 6, Coronation Day, a presentation set including all four stamps will be available for purchase to the general public for £7.50. The Royal Mail (Royal Mail, image)
The monarch’s role as the Head of the Commonwealth is recognised with the red Coronation stamp from Royal Mail.

The £2.20 stamp has an image of a Commonwealth gathering, the Commonwealth Games, as well as some of the flags from the Commonwealth countries.

Industrial landscapes are used to acknowledge trade and industry, and a Commonwealth War Graves cemetery is included to honour the dead.

The green Sustainability and Diversity stamp

The images on the stamps depict the Coronation and the customary street party, as well as some of the causes to which the King has devoted years of his public service. The Royal Mail (Royal Mail, image)
The green stamp stands for sustainability and biodiversity, two causes that are especially important to the future King because he has spent his whole life advocating for them.

The royal etching depicts a beekeeper and a hedgelayer amid a natural background where sustainable agricultural practises and renewable energy sources like solar and hydroelectric power are being employed.

The King’s Coronation stamps go on sale when?

Pre-orders for the four commemorative King’s Coronation stamps are currently being accepted in post offices, online at the Royal Mail website, via phone at 03457 641 641, and over the counter.

Prior to their wide sale, the public may inspect the Atelier Works-designed stamps at the Postal Museum in London starting on April 28.

The King’s Stamp: The Postal Museum show will include this.

The four stamps are available in a presentation bundle for £7.50, and they go on sale to the public on May 6, the day of the coronation.

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