16% of the company’s shares were transferred to other owners as part of the settlement. The initial sale price was set at Rs 1,700, a discount of 11.67% from the December 15 closing price.

Shares of GMM Pfaudler fell more than 16% in morning trading on Dec. 16 after 16% of the company’s shares changed hands in global trading. It has previously been reported that developer Pfaudler Inc wants to sell its 30% stake in the company for Rs 228.3 billion.

This means that part of the sell window has been completed. Many other beautiful things followed.

As of 9:45 a.m., the shares were trading at Rs 1,636 on the National Stock Exchange, down 15%. The trading volume was 10,111,916 shares, 20-day average trading volume was 86,312 shares.

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According to sources, the minimum trade price is Rs 1,700 per contract, a discount of 11.67% from the day’s closing price. The current client is unknown.

After the sale, the district’s overall military supply will drop from 56.06% at the end of September to 26.18%. Axis Capital is the only sector that blocks commercial transactions.

GMM Pfaudler is a leading supplier of equipment and systems for the chemical and pharmaceutical markets. The product line covers a wide range of products, including fluoropolymers, filtration and drying systems, technical column systems, process and laboratory glass, encapsulation technology, and blending applications.

In the second half of 2023, the company reported that its revenue grew by 23% year-on-year to Rs 780 crore. During the same period, operating profit increased from more than 50 to 960 billion euros. The total debt is 211.9 billion rupees.

This property is the best choice for Saurabh Mukherjea due to its market share, revenue distribution, and strong customer relationship. The 12-month price-to-earnings ratio (TMT) is 46.8x.

GMM Pfaudler fell 18 percent after more than 11 million shares changed hands in the larger deal.

As of 9:30 a.m., NSE and BSE have about 11.18 million shares or about 25% of the company’s total stock.

GMM Pfaudler shares fell 18 percent to Rs.1,576.10 on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Rs.1,575 on the BSE after over 11 million shares were traded.

As of 9:30 a.m., around 11.18 million shares were trading on the NSE and BSE, accounting for about 25 percent of the company’s total shares, according to stock market data. The names of the buyer and seller were not immediately confirmed. In comparison, the Nifty 50 and the S&P BSE Sensex were down 0.2 percent at 9:50 a.m.

According to press reports, GMM Pfaudler’s promoter, Pfaudler Inc, was set to sell a majority stake in the company to shareholders in a block deal for Rs 227.8 billion.

Pfaudler Inc. will sell 13.4 million company shares (representing a 29.88 percent interest) at a reserve price of Rs. 1,700, a reduction of 11.67 percent from Thursday’s close, according to the company’s announcement. mint said.

As of September 30, 2022, Pfaudler Inc owned 14.33 million shares (31.88%) of GMM Pfaudler, according to ownership model data.

GMM Pfaudler is a global provider of corrosion-resistant technologies, systems, and services. Customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries trust us to always deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Thanks to PLI’s investment in India, GMM Pfaudler’s orders are still strong, and the opening of plants in Germany and China will strengthen its global operations. Rathi Share and Stock Brokers analysts stated:

The company expects operating margins to improve in India in the second half of the year, with total EBITDA margins of 12-13%, despite increased volatility in commodity and energy prices. According to the broker, GMM’s business development remains positive due to successful international business integrations, cross-selling initiatives, value sourcing, and projected demand.

GMM promoter Pfaudler may sell a 30% stake on Friday.

GMM promoter Pfaudler Ltd is expected to sell a 29.88% stake, or approximately 1.34 billion shares, in a block transaction on December 11th. This was reported to CNBC-TV18 on the 16th by a source familiar with the situation.

GMM Pfaudler stock is up 18% today. because of here

Shares of GMM Pfaudler were trading at Rs 1,575, down 18.42% on BSE. Unlike the 33,281 buy orders on the stock exchange, the branch received 342,202 sell orders.

Shares of GMM Pfaudler rose 18% on Friday after media reported that investor Pfaudler Inc was looking to sell a larger stake in GMM Pfaudler for Rs 2,278 crore in shares today.

According to Mint, Pfaudler Inc was looking to sell 1.34 million shares or a 29.88% stake in the company at a 5-day minimum price of Rs 1,700 on Thursday.

After the report, the share price fell 18.42% on BSE to Rs 1,575. The branch sold 342,202 shares against a buy order for 33,281 shares on the exchange. A total of 16.89 shares have been held so far, compared to the two-week average of 7,133 shares. A total of 1,03,17,060 shares changed hands in NSE resulting in sales of 1,737.38 crores.

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According to BSE filings, as of September 30, Pfaudler Inc held 1,43,30,208 shares or a 31.88% stake in GMM Pfaudler. The sale will reduce the total developer stake to 26.18% from 56.06% at the end of September, the Mint said. The other promoter shareholders held 24.18% of the company as of September 30. Axis Capital will be the only trading arm.

Meanwhile, Shyam Sekhar, author, and founder of Advisory Thought Lead posted an article overnight about his appearance at GMM Pfaudler in September 2020.

GMM Pfaudler fell 18% as the developer sold a major stake in blocking deals

As of 9:30 a.m. today, approximately 11.2 million GMM Pfaudler shares were traded on the NSE and BSE during closed trading, representing approximately 25% of total assets, according to data from the Stock Exchange.

GMM promoter Pfaudler Pfaudler Inc plans to sell its majority stake in the company in a stock deal to raise Rs 2,278 crore.

CNBC TV-18 reports that Fodler’s futures will be up 29.88% during the December 16 trading block, which equates to about 13.4 billion shares.

The promoter held 14.33 million shares of GMM Pfaudler, representing 31.88% of the company’s shares as of September 30, 2022.

Sources familiar with the developments said the base price of the deal has been set at Rs 1,700 per share, with Ax Capital acting as the broker for the deal.

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